What is a Slow Cooker?


What is a slow cooker?

Recently Slow Cookers have been popping up everywhere on Facebook food pages with all sorts of recipes being tweaked for this contraption. Surprisingly Slow Cooker is a thing of the past (literally)! This device gained fame in the 70’s in USA.

So what is a slow cooker, you may ask?

what is a slow cooker?Also known as a Croack-Pot, it is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that is used for simmering, which requires maintaining a relatively low temperature. A basic slow cooker consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot made of glazed ceramic or porcelain, surrounded by a housing, usually metal, containing an electric heating element. The lid is often of glass seated in a groove in the pot edge; condensed vapor collects in the groove and provides a low-pressure seal to the atmosphere. The contents of a crock pot are effectively at atmospheric pressure, despite the water vapor generated inside the pot. A crock pot is quite different from a pressure cooker and presents no danger of an abrupt pressure release.

Why use a Slow Cooker?

This utensil has more than a few advantages, for one there is no danger of an explosion as with a pressure cooker. The food is cooked at such low temperature that it is impossible for it to get burned. Another advantage of using a slow cooker is that the food remains moist and hydrated as there is hardly any evaporation; also it’s perfect for one-pot dishes and saves you the hassle of washing multiple utensils.

Slow Cooker Recipes 

Here is a recipe, by youtube sensation Laura Vitale from “Laura in the kitchen” to make delicious Fajitas using a Slow Cooker

Allrecipes also has a good recipe for making Chicken Pot Pie using a Croack-Pot




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