8 Top FREE APPS To Have On Your Phone

  1. Facebook If you haven’t heard of Facebook, you’re probably living in a wireless ditch somewhere in the Sahara desert, making sand castles with your pet snake named Bobo. It is among the top free apps that you must have on your phone. Just about the entire world is connected on Facebook, making it easy for long lost friends and relatives to reconnect. It serves as a great business purpose by allowing Facebook users to access addresses and phone numbers as well as special details.
  2. Snapchat Wanna make super silly faces and send awkward selfies to your friends but don’t want them to save it to embarrass you later? Use snapchat! I’ll admit, me and my friends love going mad with crazy selfies to send each other. Aside for photos, the videos never fail to entertain. And the best part it, the pics and videos aren’t saved on the viewer’s device and self-destruct once viewed. Phewww! On top of that, snapchat is always having live updates so you can see snaps and videos from all over the world for a special event. Not only that, the filters and special stickers are always great for your snaps.
  3. Whatsapp Again, I’m an American brownie. I don’t have the luxury of international calling and texting on my phone. My family and friends are spread around the world. Literally. Whatsapp is a great and inexpensive way to instantly reach anyone around the world. Sign up and transfer of contact is so hassle-free. All media that is sent is always instantly saved into your phone.
  4. Couple For all you couples, this app is your holy grail. My boyfriend actually introduced this app to me. It’s an app only for two. No contacts. No way for someone to search you. There is no one else to speak to except your significant other. My family are total snoopers and this app is top secret. It offers a pass code to the app so no one can really enter your convo with your boi except you. All media that you send to each other doesn’t get saved into your phone unless you want it to. It’s all stored in Couple’s album which can only be accessed in the app. If your location is on, your significant other always knows where you are as well as your times zone. There are cute little things for you both to do in the app if you ever get tired of talking.
  5. Retrica If you are a photography connoisseur like I am, you can imagine that professional photos that are edited are always on the top of your list. But if you are tired of carrying your DSLR camera around, download Retrica. This app takes great quality photos with a gazillion filter options. You’ll always get a picture perfect filter of your liking.
  6. Instagram The best way of connecting with everyone through photos. I love taking photos of anything and everything. Instagram offers a limited amount of filters but provides a much more detailed setting. On top of that, sharing is a breeze. If you link all your accounts, by a touch of a button, your photos will be on every account that you allow.
  7. Viber This ingenious little app combines the best of both whatsapp and skype. You can send and receive videos and texts along with making voice calls from your phone FOR FREE. Plus you can install it on your computer as well. That way not only can you chat with the convenience and easy of a keyboard, you can also make video calls.
  8. Youtube Now you must be thinking, who doesn’t know youtube? Even my grandma knows about it! Sadly in many countries the national governments have banned youtube (such as Pakistan and China to name some). Now you must be thinking ‘what are proxy servers for’? Seriously keep your pants one. Not only proxy sites and softwares are a hassle, they don’t provide the same consistency and quality of streaming. Youtube app however streams everything smoothly. No matter in which part of the world you or how bad your government has banned it, the app still allows you to access the content. Sneaky isn’t it?