The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


A young adult Fantasy series that will entertain you all the way through! The first book in the trilogy by novice writer Victoria Aveyard, The Red Queen was published in February this year. The book has received generally positive reviews with 4 stars from The Guardian.

Twilight made millions of girls go crazy with Edward’s brooding looks and Bella’s (well Bella was just Bella, never really liked her). X-Men will always remain iconic cause meta-humans with super powers; well that’s just pure entertainment. Hunger Games made its mark with a post-apocalyptic world with strong class segregation and a kick-ass Female lead.

Now if you are thinking why am I naming random movies/books with no relation? Well that’s because “The Red Queen” is combination of all three! With a strong female lead like Katniss Everdeen, a handsome as hell prince like Edward, and a futuristic world where half the human race has super powers!! I don’t know what can get better than this.

The Red Queen centers around Mare Barrow, an ordinary red girl (power less humans have red blood) living a very poor and ordinary life but to her surprise she ends up in a Silver arena (people with silver blood have super powers and they are ruling class) and turns out she’s got powers too. What is her superpower and how the story unfolds, to find that out you have to read the book.

Revolution, sabotage, action, romance, the book has it all and it’s already on its way to be adapted on the silver screen.