-Moiz Hussain: “If you want to be extraordinary in life, you have to do extraordinary things. If you do regular things, you will never achieve the same results”

Today while driving by, I saw people walking in front of the Sunfort hotel in liberty with only one shoe on. At first I thought it was some kind of a protest and I got curious (meowww). I had to find out what all this was about. So I walked over casually, and asked a gentleman what were they protesting about? Mr. Jahenzeb (a volunteer) very politely explained to me that it was actually a workshop in process.

What kind of workshop was it? You may be wondering. It was being conducted by world renowned Prof. Moiz Hussain a certified Reiki Grand Master and Teacher and Licensed Director of Silva Mind Control, USA. Not only is he a pioneer of Yoga, Neuro-linguistic programming, Reiki, Hypnosis, he is also the founder of the first Yoga Institute in Pakistan.

Prof. Hussain was kind enough to give me a few moments of his time. People walking with a bare foot dosent make for much of a read. Now you must be wondering why I lingered on? Well, because this was just Day 2 of a three-day workshop. Wait it gets better. On Day 3 all the participants will walk on fire, BAREFOOT. You heard me right. Walking on fire will make anyone think ‘ouch’!

Me: What is this training all about?
Prof. Hussain: “This training is about empowering people to overcome their fears ( realizing the power of self belief). Average person uses 2-3 percent of their brain. We teach people how to use their minds more by learning to break away from the bondage of basic upbringing and education and taboos of society, which are wrong beliefs. This way people can do what is called out of the box thinking and are able to create references in their lives, personal and professional. People have been able to achieve extraordinary success through this program called the Fourth Dimension”.

Me: “Is fire-walking safe?”
Prof Hussain: “Its 100% safe. Thousands of people have walked on fire.”

Me: “But how do you convince someone to do that?”
Prof Hussain: “We take them to a stage of high motivation and empowerment and they are able to face their fears. If you want to be extraordinary in life, you have to do extraordinary things. If you do regular things, you will never achieve the same results. If you want to achieve better results you have to do something impossible. So fire-walking is one of those things. We do this all over the world and people have benefited out of it. People go in with their phobias and walk out with confidence. The moment your feet touch the flames a signal goes to your brain. It’s important how you interpret that signal. We teach them how to interpret that signal. So it’s more of an empowerment than fear. The fire is a metaphor. When you face any fear or difficulty in life, it goes away.”

THE POWER OF SELF-BELIEFSo anyone who is open to new experiences and wants to get their yoga freak on, go check Prof. Hussain out! He conducts his training once a month in Lahore. His training are conducted both nationally and internationally.