New Look: Free World Wide International Delivery


New Look Online Shopping Experience (Free International Shipping)
We all love the convenience of online shopping. No standing in line, no getting stuck in traffic, no putting on clean clothes. From the convenience of your bed and PJs you can virtually have anything delivered to you at the click of a button. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s clothes, electronics, literally anything and everything can be delivered to your doorstep without having to actually leave your house.

However, those of us who live in the less developed part of the world, our options tend to be limited. I am from Pakistan (Lahore) and not every international brand delivers here; some won’t even accept my credit card. The trend is changing with more and more retailers offering international shipping but the charges can be pricey. If you love western wear and online shopping, ​New Look​ is the “it” brand for you!

This UK based apparel retailer not only offers ​free international shipping (Pakistan included)​, it’s also quite pocket friendly (and not to mention the awesome crazy sales they have!). With designs and prices matching the likes of H&M and Forever21, Newlook offers a wide range of clothes, footwear and accessories. I have ordered a few times from New Look. I paid via  my Standard Chartered visa credit card and the package was delivered to my house.

Shipping Details​:​

Free standard international shipping on orders over 55 pounds.​ It mentions delivery time as 9 (working) days on their website but it takes around 15-17 days in total. There were zero shipping charges. The package came through normal mail and the mailman took a few rupees for delivery. No custom charges whatsoever! Though customs had opened the package and gone through everything. My stuff was practically delivery from UK to Pakistan for FREE! ·​      ​

Free express delivery on orders over 75 pounds.​ You’ll receive your package in under a week. This is sent via courier, and though the package came real quick, I was charged customs. I ended up paying around Rs.4000 on an order of 100 pounds.