Must Watch High School Sitcoms


TV has a way of helping us escape reality through captivating characters and story-lines which are presented in such a way that they seem more real than reality. There are numerous sitcoms which will leave you ROFL but High School Sitcoms show growing pains and teenage angst with a humorous  twist which often leaves you wondering whether to laugh or feel sad.

AwkwardHigh School Sitcoms

Origin: American teen comedy airing on MTV.
Plot: Social outcast, Jenna has on going identity crisis especially after an accident is misconstrued as a suicide attempt. She begins a blog that helps her deal with different high school issues such as boy troubles, peer-pressure, and trying to fit in. The show follows its central character Jenna Hamilton and her friends who go to fictional Palos Verdes high school in California.
No. of seasons: 5
Episode duration: 20 mins
Running time: 2011- present

SuburgatoryHigh School Sitcoms

Origin: American teen comedy aired on ABC
Plot: Series protagonist Tessa Altman is forced to move to the suburbs from New York City by her single father George in hopes of a better life. Tessa soon begins to feel like she is repenting for her sins as small town suburbia starts to feel like purgatory with an eire Stepford wives feel.
No. of seasons: 3
Episode duration: 22 mins
Running time: 2011- 2014

Faking ItHigh School Sitcoms








Origin:American high school comedy aired on MTV
Plot: The series is set in the fictional world of Hester High School in the suburbs of Austin where being different means being popular. Best friends Karma and Amy end up becoming the most popular girls in school after they are misconstrued for a lesbian couple. Karma and Amy deal with their sexuality, popularity and trying to fit in.
No. of seasons: 2
Episode duration: 22 mins
Running time: 2014- present

GleeHigh School Sitcoms

Origin: American high school comedy-drama musical aired on Fox
Plot:The show follows the glee club of the fictional William McKinley High School led by their teacher Mr.Will Schuesterthrough. Glee showcases and underdog rising story and follows the characters through high school, graduation and their subsequent career paths afterwards. Glee explores themes of peer pressure, popularity, sexuality
No. of seasons: 6
Episode duration: 40 mins
Running time: 2009- 2015