10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Fitness Freaks


Do you love working out but don’t have the time to hit the gym every day? Are you an aspiring fitness junkie looking for workout routines to transition in to a healthier you? Are you looking for innovative exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home without any special equipment? If your answers are Yes, Yes and YES then these Instagram profiles are a must follow. These fitness gurus on Instagram share various exercises which you can tweak to formulate an exercise regime to cater to your #bodygoals

  1. home.exercises 1.7m followers
    Follow exercises you can easily do at home

2. home_squats 1.6m followers
Rena is a mother of 5 and a stay at home mom. She frequently shares squats which you can do at home to have the booty of your dreams. You can also try out her recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

3. home.abs 1.4m followers
These exercises can help you have the abs of steel.

4. workoutprograms 1.2m followers
Workout programs and its counterpart exerciseroutines with a combined 2 million followers, provides step by step picture guides for various at home workouts. You can save the pictures of your fav routines and drop and do a 20(reps) whenever you have the time.

5. exerciseguide 895k followers
Challenge yourself with these aggressive workouts on Instagram.

6. fithealthyworkouts 682k followers

7. noellebenepe 252k followers

8. shauna_harrison 73.7k followers
Shauna is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, yogi and a fitness guru. Her exercises including step, hi/lo aerobics, Pi/Yo, indoor and outdoor boot camps, mat Pilates, Hip Hop Cycle and offer a full body workout.

9. zannavandijk 65.4k followers
Zanna is a London based blogger and covers topics including health, fitness, lifestyle.

10. coachalaa 55.5k followers