Keratin under 15 dollars!


Purc Pure Keratin Treatment Review!

I recently posted a blog about my experience with Extenso. You can check it out here.

Fast-forward 4 months and my Extenso started getting undone.


Because my hair growth is very fast, my roots and baby hair were back to their frizzy self, while the tips are still mostly straight. I knew I needed a retouch, but I didn’t want to spend that much money again, neither did I want to go through another chemical treatment (i spent 120$ on L’oreal X-Tenso).

So I searched and researched and the world wide web brought me to Aliexpress. Specifically to a brand of keratin called PURE Keratin Treatment by PURC. There aren’t many reviews about it available online and i only found 1 acceptable tutorial on youtube. During all my research, I couldn’t find any pictures of how the hair turns out after the Keratin Treatment. So by relying on the product reviews on aliexpress alone I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered the treatment.

Selecting the keratin: While selecting the keratin solution the main thing to keep in mind is the Formaldehyde ratio. Formaldehyde is the chemical that is mainly responsible for the straightening process during the treatment. It is recommended to use a Formaldehyde free Keratin for blond or naturally straight hair. 5% or 8% Formaldehyde for wavy frizzy hair (south american or middle eastern). And 12% Formaldehyde Keratin for African hair.

Ordering the treatment:

I used the Store:PURC Luxury Hair Care ( LocRoyal Cosmetics Co., Ltd.)

They had a discount going on so I ordered the keratin treatment along with the clarifying shampoo And the after treatment sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.


Delivery time: The standard delivery time for any Aliexpress orders is mostly 45 days but this order was delivered to my house (in Lahore, Pakistan) in just 2weeks.

Cost: The total cost of all 4 products after discount was around 26$(PKR 2,800), which is a steal, given the product is enough for two heads of hair.

The package comes with a detailed leaflet and the procedure is very simple.

  1. Wash your hair with the purifying shampoo, 3 times for normal hair and 2 times for chemically treated hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair to 100% DRY.
  3. Taking 1/8th of an inch thick sections, start applying the Keratin solution from roots to tip. Make sure not to apply the solution to your scalp. Start applying it ½ centimeter away from the roots.
  4. Apply enough so that the hair become damp with the product, you do not want to drench your hair in Keratin. A little goes a long way.
  5. Keep on combing the hair as you apply Keratin, to make sure there is no excess product in the hair. (trust me you don’t want any excess)!
  6. After your entire head is covered, place your hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap and let your hair absorb the Keratin for 20 to 30 mins.
  7. After the processing time is over, blow dry your hair to 100% dry. This is why you need to use Keratin sparingly. The more product you have, the more difficult it is to dry your hair. You will not wash your hair, you will dry your hair with the Keratin solution in it.
  8. After the hair is 100% dry, start straightening your hair with a flat iron. Keep the iron temperature at 450F or 230C for normal hair and 430F or 200C for chemically treated hair.
  9. Straighten in small sections and go over each section 3-4 times.
  10. After your hair are done, the waiting time begins. You can’t wet,wash or pin up your hair for 72 hours!
  11. After 72 hours, wash your hair with the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and blow dry using your fingers. They have a nice powdery smell.



Results: Once I had done the treatment my hair looked all straight and shiny. Getting through the 72 hour wait period was the worst part!

keratin-5(This is how my hair looked once I had straightened them with the Keratin in them).

My hair smelled funky and by day 3 they were super greasy at the roots. The hair fall during these three days was surprisingly very less. Even less breakage than usual. I guess the aggressive straightening had already weeded out the weak hair.

keratin-6I was pretty blown away by the results. I wasn’t expecting this product to work this well, at all!

This is how my hair turned out after the first wash. I shampooed and conditioned it with PURC after treatment shampoo and conditioner which I got with the Keratin and then blow dried it (almost 60% dry) using my fingers. I then let them air dry the rest of the way. Though the keratin did not straighten out my roots 100%, almost 80-90% of the wave was gone. Since the lengths of my hair was already extenso-ed, its dead straight. My hair feels smooth and silky with zero frizz. After the first wash, my hair feels a little limp but I think a few more washes will restore the volume to the roots. Overall, this product gets a GOLD STAR from me. Given the price and the results, it’s a steal!

Considering my hair texture, I will order the 8% formaldehyde the next time to touch up my roots. The Keratin bottle volume is 300 ml and after one treatment, I have enough product left to touch up my roots at least 3-4 times. Remember, a little goes a long way.


  1. Perform the treatment in a well ventilated space because the Keratin itself has a very pungent smell and it gives off a lot of fumes while blow drying. Do it outdoors if possible, especially the blowdrying part, as the Keratin gives off a lot of fumes when it gets heated. I didn’t think it will be a big deal when I was doing it. Trust me, it is!
  2. Wear a surgical mask or cover your face with a cloth, to avoid inhaling the fumes.
  3. Try to wear gloves, as the keratin will make your hands very dry.