iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4


What’s better? This age old question has been pondered by many as well as I. Once my contract expired, I began my research on both phones, iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The tech specs never really helped me and the short visits to the store didn’t allow me to fully explore each device. Before my current phone, I owned a samsung galaxy s4. I asked around and the majority of the people said to go for the iPhone 6 plus. And I went for it. Got the iPhone 6 plus with 16GB in white and gold. My goodness.

iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4Aesthetically, it’s a pretty sexy phone. Very much to my liking. It’s definitely an eye catcher. However, the glass was a turn off. With my past experiences of iPhone 4, drop it so closely to the floor and it will break. And I was always so paranoid that I would drop it and basically die while paying another 200 for the repair. Add a case and the phone becomes another heavy burden.

Switching from an advanced program like android to an easy peasy lemon squeezy software like iOS made me want to bang my head against the wall. After being adapted to a software where I could customize each and everything to my liking, having everything set for me was an annoyance. However, for elder people and younger users who aren’t so fully used to tech, this phone is perfect.

iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4Photography. Probably the most important thing to me. The front camera has 1 to 2 ish megapixels and the back had 8, which is pretty meh compared to my s4. However, the clarity was great. But, none of the filters were to my liking. The features like slo-mo, time lapse, etc. were fun to use.

Sounds. Oh the sounds! I like to keep my phone on silent and occasionally on vibrate. Even though with the flick of a switch, the phone wouldn’t shut up. The notifications wouldn’t stop ringing. But all my alarms went off. It drove me nuts. I had to silent every single app (which is millions btw).

iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4Battery. Oh so blah! With my s4, it would charge fully within an hour. After using it an hour, it would reach about 70% ish. Apple is such a turtle. In one hour, the battery only raises by 20 to 30%. And after an hour of use, it would drop to 50%. And I’m not a frequent user. I play some music in the morning. Only 15 minutes and check a few emails before class. And a 50% drop!

The speakers. If you’re listening to music aloud, you may need to be locked in a room with absolutely no sound or distraction with your ear pretty close to the speaker. So yes, it sucks. But if you go into headphone mode, the sound is pretty decent. Good clarity.

The charger is way too short. My bed isn’t so close to my outlet so I’m pretty much stuck in one position all night which is so owww. Although the headphones are uniquely shaped and are popular, it’s not a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s my ear shape or something. #weirdears

After one week, I couldn’t really handle it anymore. So I went back and returned the iPhone for the Note 4. And this is what I found.

This phone has a very sleek design with a textured back with shiny silver bands that sparkles and glimmers with the hit of light. But, I would say that the iPhone has an upper hand in beauty. Basically, the iPhone is that hot popular dumb cheerleader while the Note 4 is attractively nerdy and sweet. This phone is also very light and I didn’t feel too paranoid about dropping the phone. And when I did drop it from a big height, it didn’t give a scratch. But I still went for a case. And I think I just ruined my phone. The phone became three times its weight. If I slip it in my back pocket with the case, it feels my ass just grew a ridiculously large tumor. Not a great feeling.

iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4Oh the sweet relief! I got even better software than I did with my s4. Boooyaaaaa! Everything was so customizable. No one can really have the same settings on their phones. That’s how advanced their settings are. Again, if you’re not too technologically advanced, you can opt for the iPhone or the easy mode in the setting.

Love love love the camera. 16 megapixel back camera and almost 4ish megapixel front camera. Great clarity however the photos do get slightly photoshopped. There is a beauty mode with automatically smooths your face and complexion giving a light Barbie plastic look. I personally like to edit all my photos before posting and the beauty mode takes care of most of the editing. If you’re a selfie maniac like moi, you get the option of a wide selfie! Basically its a panorama for the front camera. There are lots of filters and this time it’s more flattering. But it’s missing the time lapse and slo mo features that iPhone carried.

And there’s finally a simple way to set your sounds. Unlike the iPhone, I could simply turn down the volume to vibrate or silent and not hear a single sound from any app. And I didn’t even have to go into settings. And even though the phone is super silent, my alarm blares every morning. So now I’m never late to class.

Very very impressed with the new charger and battery. The newer models now come with a fast charger and adapter. My battery now chargers from 30 to 100% in about 30 minutes. And it lasts! Listening to my music for 15 minutes and checking emails right before class only drops the battery about 2-3%. Way better than the 50% drop in the iPhone.

The speakers are pretty average. It’s definitely not the loudest but it’s pretty good quality. Clarity is good. But in headphone mode, the sound is a 80 out of 100. Not bad.

Praise The Lord! My back don’t gotta crack no more. The charger is much longer. A huge sigh of relief from my body. My phone can stay on charging and I can move around my room with it. The headphone are still the average design. But samsung headphones, in my opinion, are the best headphones any phone company can give. And I have actually used almost every company’s headphones. Everything just sounds so much better. After breaking my old ones, I wished another pair would just drop on my lap.

iPhone 6 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4Overall, I’m going for #teamgalaxy. It’s better than my expectations and works very well for my lifestyle. The iPhone is a good phone but not to my standards and needs. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you.

 **Both phones were tested for a week before writing this review**