How It Happened


The Shia-Syed Bandian families, of Karachi, are looking for a bride for their eldest son, Haroon. Would you be interested in sending a proposal?

Marriage is a term that always comes knocking on the front door sooner or later. But these decisions aren’t made in a romantic diner atmosphere or over a cup of tea, but in the drawing room by the piercing gaze of Dadi (grandmother)

As exciting as these marriage events can be, they can be extremely exhausting in finding the perfect bride. One might be too religious or another might be too modern, nonetheless they all serve delicious food. So tells us Saleha, the youngest of the three Bandian siblings, who accompanies her brother in the merry-go-round chase of finding the perfect girl.

Haroon might have been easily taken by his affectionate grandmother’s words but it was an entirely different story of Zeba. Hot headed and stubborn, Zeba does not believe in traditional arranged marriage customs and she certainly does not want to become a goat on display. But when Zeba falls in love with a Suni named Usman, all hell breaks loose.

Entertaining and relatable, you will not be able to stop your laughter or the stomach cramps caused by the antic of Dadi, the fear she has from her daughter Fatima or the hilarious way that Saleha relates the story of the journey through which her siblings go through.

A must read ‘How it happened’ is the life story of every Pakistani man and women stepping into the age of marriage.