Fall Fashion Trends 2015


Fall Fashion.

The Arrival of Fall or Autumn as we like to call it has brought with it several fashion trends. Fall is considered one of the best whether by many as its cool but not too cold and its certainly not sweat drenching hot. Fall with its magical whether and chic fashion trends will help us transition from the heat and humidity of summer to the cool and calamity of winter.

New York Fashion week proved to be every fashion junkie’s heaven once again and all designers brought on their Fall Fashion Game full throttle. Here are some of the top fall fashion trends straight off the runway and by the looks of it, they are here to stay.

The Stacked Heel


Everyone praise the lord because its time to say bye bye to those pointy poky pencil heeled stilettos! Not too long ago it seemed like a myth (stuff of legends some might say) that fashion and comfort can belong together in an pair of shoes. Many prayers have been answered by the arrival of the stacked heel also called lady loafers, the prayers to look fashionably chic and feel comfortable all at the same time. The most prominent addition to the stacked heel has to be Chanel’s signature slingback.

Fast and the Furriest



Velvet Vixen

All that Giliter