Cheapest Shopping In Lahore


If you’re like me you want things, a lot of things and you want them at the lowest prices possible. Don’t roll your eyes and say “that’s what sales are for”. Duh! I know… But you don’t always end up spotting a good sale in time, nor do you necessarily have extra cash lying around when a good sale is on. So where do you go for cheapest shopping in Lahore?

Karim block offers you a cure to that dilemma. The factory outlets there always have items on discount. Which means sale 24/7. These crazy discounts can go up to as much as 70% off! So they might have last season stock (sometimes even a year or two old) but who are we? The Kardashians?

If you don’t mind wearing last season’s designs, these factory outlets are the thing for you! Outfitters, Levis, Breakout are some of the brands with their factory outlets in Karim block. And Outfitters by far has to be my fav as I always end up finding something decent over there. Not only that, Karim block also offers a plethora of local brands. They might not be of as much of a good quality with even half decent designs, but you can always find a diamond in the rough.

Tips and trick to get the best bargain:
• Shop cross seasonally. At the end of each season, almost all brands offer crazy discounts. Doesn’t hurt to stock up for the next winter before hand ladies.
• Visit factory outlets frequently. These outlets are always having new stock come in, so make it a habit to visit them as often as you would like to get your hands on something good.
• Do market research. As tiresome as it may be, its always fruitful to look around a few places before making a purchase as you might find a better deal someplace else.
• Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy. If you desperately like something and have the money for it, buy it! Otherwise you’re just gonna go home and mop like a heart broken lover reminiscing over those pair of shoes you could have bought.
• A good salesman is a blessing in disguise. If you are lucky enough to find a helpful and courteous salesman, hold on to him. Not only will he make your shopping experience more tolerable, he might guide you to some good bargains too.