Best Proxy for Youtube


Ever since there has been censorship, there have been proxy sites, servers, plugins and what not trying to give people back the control. I mean what do they hope to accomplish by blocking youtube, facebook or any other site for that matter? Where there is a will, there is a way and the will to access some of the most common and prevalent social media these days is a strong one.

The best tool that we have seen so far is a browser extension, or add-on as Firefox-ers might call it, called “browsec”. You can add browsec extension to your chrome or browsec add-on to firefox. No need of logging on to proxy websites or downloading software full of spam and malware. Simply add browsec to your browser and you can activate it every time you want to view a website which is blocked in your region, and if you’re from Asia, there will be many.

Happy brow-sec-ing!