ALIEXPRESS Review and Shopping Guid


Dear Aliexpress,

Where have you been all my life? (Rihanna playing in the background) Aliexpress no doubt has to be one of the best-kept secrets (not much of a secret anymore). For a site this incredible, its amazing how few people know about Aliexpress and even fewer dare to shop on it. It’s a product of Hong Kong based Alibaba group and is a virtual platform to buy commodities. Aliexpress has more or less everything.

The trend of online cosmetics and accessories stores in Pakistan is fast growing, with things raging from handbags and coats to jewelry and accessories. Ever wondered where do these pages manage to snag such gorg (short for gorgeous, you’ll learn the lingo) items from? Ta-dah! Now you know and they sure do charge a pretty penny for it.

Have some hope, all ye who enter here (should be the inscription on its gates). Trust me! All those unique incredible items you have seen on facebook pages or otherwise can be found on this wondrous site for one fourth the price.

Exhibit A

ALIEXPRESSA fancy page (which shall not be named) on Facebook is selling this itme for a staggering Rs. 5,000.

How much on Aliexpress? One page is selling this Iimitation Pearl 18K Gold Plated Set Iimitation Pearl 18K Gold Plated Set for $16. Not to make you jelly, I got it for $11 on sale *evil grin* and it was all this and more.
I have hundreds of more such examples but I wont share them at the risk of sending all of you, who got duped, in a fit of depression.

Exhibit B


For all the 2 Broke Girls fans, I got this Caroline Channing Necklace Caroline Channing Necklace

Here is some more loot from AE.

pic4-horzTricks to shopping on Aliexpress
1. Always go for verified seller with 90% above rating, select the options “top rated” and “free shipping” right under the search bar
2. Buy things with maximum number of orders
3. Carefully read the reviews before you order. Feedback matters
4. If you are not too sure, message the seller, the amount of time they take to get back to you show how prompt and reliable they are
5. If it’s too cheap to be true, it probably is

How to pay?
You don’t need paypal or master cards to pay for the stuff. Any debit/credit visa card would do. I use my Standard Chartered debit visa card. Your money goes in to escrow and is realized to the seller once your product has been shipped. I had the misfortune of ordering from some fake sellers. It took a few weeks but I got my money back. And delivery to Pakistan is free by most sellers and your order will take anytime between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Some trusted sellers:

Now that most of you have logged on to AE, Ready.Steady.Shop!