5 Ways To Eat Less


1.Smaller Plates

Eat LessPortion control literally means eating less can prove to be an effective way to drop a few pounds. However, willingly trying to eat less or taking smaller portions of food can be a challenging and daunting task. One way to condition yourself to eat less without much effort is to replace your plates and bowls with smaller ones. The bigger the plate the more food you put it and vice versa. You can still full your small plate to the brim but in reality it will be a lessor amount of food.


2.Timely Meals

Eat LessHaving infrequent meals or starving yourself will increase your odds of binge eating. Staying hungry all day and having a heavy dinner is doing you no good. Instead eat every 3-4 hours. Carry apples or a hand full of nuts in your bag to provide as a healthy snack when you are on the road or too busy for a proper meal. Instead of skipping meals entirely and binge eating latter, have three meals a day with two snacks.


3.Drink Lots of Water

Eat Less


Water is your new best friend! Have at least two glasses of water before every meal or snack. Having a stomach full of water will leave you less hungry and you will eat less. This will also help detoxify your system and keep you hydrated.




4. Eat Slowly

Eat LessThe faster you eat, the more you eat because you keep devouring food without realizing when you have had enough. So when you are done, you end up feeling stuffed. Eating slowly in smaller bites allows your body to start digesting food and signal you when it has had enough. Savor every bite and enjoy your food. Try having a conversation during lunch to prolong your eating or replace your spoons with chopsticks to slow you down.

5.Take Time Between Servings

Eat Less


If you feel like going for a second serving, wait for a few minutes, meanwhile have a little salad or water. If you still feel like you’re hungry after 5-10 minutes then have another serving, but make it 1/4th the size of your first one. Taking intervals between servings can help you realize if you’re really hungry and or just want to satisfy your taste buds. Only eat if you’re absolutely hungry and not because the food smells good or you are bored.

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