5 Cheap and Creative DIY Halloween Looks

These five creative looks by Promise Phan are perfect for Halloween.


Promise Phan is a youtube beauty sensation who has made a name for herself for transforming in to Celebrities through makeup but Celebrities aren’t her only forte! This makeup guru can literally transfer herself into anyone or anything. Though Mrs.Phan has a plethora of mind-boggling tutorials on her youtube channel, below are  five looks you can take inspiration from for Halloween. These Halloween looks can be easily recreated and all you need is a little time, makeup and and creativity!

Number 5

You can bathe in blood Carrie style and go as Bambi. Promise’s low-cost solution to the antlers? “I shaped the Aluminum foil into Antlers first, then wrapped it all with black tape. After that I paper mached it and let it dry for a day. Once it was dry I painted it using brown paint and glue gunned in to a hairband”. Btw You can find the tutorials on Youtube.

Number 4

Vampires have always had a certain allure and sex appeal, not to mention it is one of the most iconic and trending Halloween look. Maybe we have a certain Cullen or Salvador to thank for that. If you don’t feel like splurging on a whole Bram Stoker costume, you can simply do your makeup and put on some fangs. You can order your self a set of Vampire fangs from Aliexpress.

Number 3

This macabre look will give everyone chills. Simply throw on your favorite black dress and use roses as a finishing touch. You can use dead flowers and a teared up old black t-shirt to make this look even more grim.

Number 2

The split lip can be used as an element to create a very deadly look or it can be worn just as it is. Have your lips slit for both side and go as The Joker maybe? OR throw on a top hat and you can pass for the Cheshire Cat.

Number 1

Be sure to get double vision this Halloween with this trippy look because its not just the most creative in the list, it has gone viral ever since its release. The tutorial has gotten over 9 million views under one month on youtube. Though it might look very complicated, the tutorial shows how you can recreate this halloween look with ease. You might need a little practice.